The New PM is an impact-oriented management consulting firm serving mid-market manufacturing and distribution clients and their stakeholders. Our small, experienced teams across the globe create value for clients through growth strategy, operational improvement, and restructuring. With active Partner engagement, our teams develop and implement recommendations to address our clients’ most complex business challenges.

The New PM and partners have been working side-by-side with clients, fostering long-term relationships and delivering tangible, sustainable results.


Business Continuity

Helping companies to turn their top line growth strategies into realistic project briefs and align their organizational structure as well as project structure for accelerated growth. Projects are used as instruments to stay ahead of competition, in par with clients and partners.

Operational Improvement

Managing the projects, using key capabilities that drive project success, operational excellence and performance improvement in industrial engineering and construction. Enhancing the effectiveness, flexibility and efficiency of manufacturing, supply chain, sales and operations planning, startup management logistics and sourcing.

Restructuring & Turnarounds

Pinpointing adverse impact and supporting our companies improve the execution of the interventions structured around profitability, cash generation, and business continuity for future growth.


All partners are working hard to keeping creating and maintaining a set of shared values and have an open mind for change for the better. This mindset attracts top-notch clients, as great minds think alike.

There are three main guiding principles that form the foundation in our engagements.

Capability Critical

Success is measured by capability thus simply put, we want to be the best choice our clients can make. This means we have to have the best people able to work as a team and only work in situations where we can demonstrate together with our partners our unique capabilities.

Outcome and impact 

Together with our clients the goal is to target success. To do so we focus on the definition of success and the capabilities needed to differentiate between good and great. Great successes are achieved by great people that have the ability to apply their skills, are brave enough to grow and focus on the outcome and impact their actions have, rather than the efforts and activities they provide. It’s a journey together, an opportunity to grow skills faster than anyone- and anywhere else.

Planet People

We commit to the success of projects with a green ambition. The implementation of these projects leave an irreversible footprint on our planet. We seize the opportunity to provide a green legacy that future generations can benefit from.

Have Fun

We spend too much time at work to not love what we do. Make time to, celebrate the both the first step of a long journey the successes along the way, learn from bravery, mentor and coach others, provide support as a team player.

Irrespective of your qualification, being it a client, partners, a competitor, you want to be surrounded with people that can be both respected and enjoyed.


We pride ourselves on providing an exceptional array of services to our clients, but you don’t just have to take our word for it. Read what our clients have to say about working with us.